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LABEL: Solaris Empire. CAT#: FILTHREC008. RELEASE: 2018-04-20.

TRACKLISTING: 1.iLLUMiNATE 2.Let Me Fall 3.Hellacopter 4.Changing the Order

5.My Week 6.Waiting 7.Soon 8.Glass 9.Something 10.Is It 11.Resonation 12.Video Version iLLUMiNATE.

And The Street Light Leads To The Sea. Sofia HärdigARTiST: Sofia Härdig ALBUM: And The Street Lights Leads To The Sea. Label: FILTHY RECORDS/Solaris Empire. CAT# FILTHREC008 Release 2016-10-28. The Album that made Sofia Härdig nominated to Composer of the year by MANIFEST and SKAP.

"Her singing has the same kind of absolute urgency that Patti Smith and Tom Verlaineonce has."

"There is no other way to describe Swedish artist Sofia Härdig than as a future rock goddess."
://The Revue [USA]

"The new queen of alt rock... a must listen for all fans of alt-rock."
://The National Student" [UK]

"She is "Sweden's best kept secret""
://Olle Berggren, Expressen [SE] Main National Swedish paper

"overwhelmingly great… So radiant! So incredibly good… brilliant. This is rock full of emotions. Rock at it's best..." HHHH+

Mats Lundgren HIFI & Musik [SE] [National Music Magazine


The Nor Of The Locked Room. Sofia HärdigARTiST: Sofia Härdig. ALBUM: The Norm Of The Locked Room. LABEL: Margit Music. CAT#: TNOTLR. RELEASE: 2012-12-05.

REViEWS: "One of this year's most exiting releases." ://Mattias Grenholm, CITY

and I will not hesitate to proclaim Sofia Härdig to one of the year's most interesting, Swedish artists. Anyone with the slightest interest in Swedish alternative music should definitely check out this album!" ://Johan Arenbo, ZERO

"Her new album, The Norm Of The Locked Room is her strongest to date [...] a fascinating musical universe to discover." ://Stefan Warnqvist, UNT

"How Sofia Härdig has managed to avoid more attention at home than she has gotten so far is a complete mystery."
://Stina Linde, Helsingborgs dagblad

The album The Norm Of The Locked Room has been chosen the "best right now" according to Claes Olson in Musikindustri.

Recomended by Plaza: "Swedens best kept secret, Now we want to see more of her!" "an evocative atmosphere that is intimidating and alluring. ://Sydsvenskan

TRACKLiSTING: Streets - Closed Eyes - The Girl In The Window - Low And Slow - The Norm - Swim! - It's A /Man - From A Distance - Streets Video Edit.

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Release Album The Norm Of The Locked Room in Germany + Switzerland + Austria by Solaris Empire.
Release date for the album The Norm Of The Locked Room in Germany will be on Friday 01.02.2013.


ARTiST: Sofia Härdig. ALBUM: Dream. LABEL:
Filthy Records
. CAT#: FILTHREC006. RELEASE: 2008-11-19.

DESCRiPTiON: After the release of her last album "The Need To Destroy" Sofia takes off to Berlin, to work on her next album "Dream". There she created her own unique soundlandscapes isolated in her studio and during her nightly excursions through the city. Its hot, tight and intensive, raw music from one of Sweden's best voices. Sofia Härdig's fullenghts album "Dream" is a shimmering pearl full of stories and impressions. Naked and near, intensive, beautiful and fragile. Dream was chosen as one of the Top Ten Of The Year in the American journal playback and even named one of year's best records by Per Svensson in The Sound of Music. The album is relatively low voiced, text and words are highlighted in the production. Beautiful strings woven together with rumbling industrial noises. And over the strange dream-like sound is Sofia's incantatory and haunting extraordinary voice.

TRACKLiSTiNG: Million Years - What It Was - Renamed - City Of Dreams - Windmills - Please - Involved - Him - Tonight [Remix] - Yeah.

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ARTiST: Sofia Härdig. ALBUM: The Need To Destroy. LABEL:
Filthy Records
. CAT#: FILTHREC004. RELEASE: 2006-08-21.

DESCRiPTiON: On the 21:th of August 2006 Sofia Härdig's album "The Need To Destroy" is released. The new songs which are written, recorded and produced by Sofia herself states a new direction in her career. More synthesizers, programming and strange sounds. Cool, sharp and sexy electronica as in "Sea Fever" and "Mancall". Grinding guitars and industrial sounds in "Sitting Still" and "Sonicyouthescue" hammering popguitars in "Wait" In "Believe in me" the sound of beautiful heartbroken strings join hands with the sound of steelmills and concrete crushing. And on top of that her extraordinary voice, --- "Your sucked into the music that seems to grow by 100% for each listening. Sofia and sidekick Otto Milde has accomplished quite messy metallic modern rock electronica to be imitated and copied by wannabes. Themselves, they put themselves in the driver's seat for good!" ://Gary Landström, Groove

TRACKLiSTiNG: Sea Fever - Little Delight - I'm Sitting Still - Something - Illy The One - Wait - Believe In Me - Four Corners - Mancall - Into The Dawn.

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ARTiST: Sofia Härdig. ALBUM: The Demotapes Album. LABEL:
Filthy Records. CAT#: FILTHREC002. RELEASE: 2005-05-17.

DESCRIPTION: This sparse and raw album gained lot of good reviews. She reigns the territories of modern rock, punk and electrifying blues with her very own attitude and style. The Demotapes Album, sparse, raw, emotional pieces, written and cut during three week of isolation in a small cottage. What was meant to be demos for the band to rehearse to, became an album. Accompanied only by herself on guitar, synth and som simple percussion she reveals her work in progress. Simple, still complex, 14 songs, raw, naked to the bone.

TRACKLISTING: Hmm - A Ship-Laughing Eating Drinking - Shy Away - Little Delight - A Ship - Nothing Can Save - The Need To Destroy - Smalltalk - The Highest Top? - Believe In Me - A Killing Done - Into The Dawn - I'm Sitting Still - Backwards Into The Night.


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Sofia Härdig and The Needles: The Storm In My HeadARTiST: Sofia Härdig. ALBUM: The Storm In My Head. LABEL:
Filthy Records. CAT#: FILTHREC001
. RELEASE: 2005-04-08.

DESCRIPTION: At the making of this album Sofia gained worldwide attention and rave reviews. Many has stated her as "The next girl" and that it's only a matter of time before she'll be one of the brightest shining stars. Praising her voice, karisma and innovation to the genre. And her voice as one of the strongest female voices around. Danish critics write that its the Strong female rock voice Sweden been lacking The Storm In My Head is a journey inwards through the darker realms of the mind but also outwards with an ass-kicking punkish attitude. She collaborates with musicians like Kenny Håkansson [The Hellacopters] John Essing [Bob Hund] and Sebastian Öberg [The Flesh Quartet]. A must have!

TRACKLISTING: - The Storm In My Head - Backwards Into The Night - Are We On Our Way Home - Ooo Ooa Ooa Ooo - Bring It Home - Water Surrounds Us - alling - Sunshine - I Hurt - For A Man/For A Week - Krimes - Breathe.

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