Sofia Härdig

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Hard, Unpredictable and Beautiful... English 2016 [PDF] | Svensk 2016 [PDF].

SOFIA HÄRDIG has through the years played with a kaleidoscope of alternative rock and improve musicians. She has shared stage and studio time with members from legendary bands like Boredoms [JAP], Free Kitten [USA] The Hellacopters [SWE], AMM [UK], bob hund [SWE], Belle and Sebastian [UK], OOIOO [JAP], Medusas bed [Lydia Lunch project], David Sylvian, The Cardigans [SWE] and The Sunburned hand of the man [USA], just to mention a few.

As well as played with giants like Yoshimi, John Tilbury, Ikue Mori [USA], Eddie Prévost, Mats Gustafsson, Sofie Agnél [FR] and many others. She works with voice, live processing, guitar, laptop, electronic, cassette, keyboard and more. She has lived and worked in Berlin, New York, Stockholm, Bristol and Malmö. Her latest Album: The Norm of the Locked Room [2013] got rave reviews and was stated as one of that year’s most interesting releases by national and international press.

She has been called Sweden's best-kept secret, been hailed as “an electronica queen", the Swedish rock scenes new hope and "the next girl in experimental music". And a chorus of press voices has stated that “anyone with the slightest interest in alternative Swedish music must definitely check her out" Her New album: "And the Street Light Leads to the Sea" is being released worldwide this year. "For me it's beautiful with that which is not perfect, in the dilapidated, broken and in the mistakes I see beauty."

Sofia's musical adventure began early. As a child she made melodies and harmonies to the sound of vacuum cleaners and car engines, which was driving her parents crazy. In early stages of adulthood her main playground was broken blues and deformed rock with references to for example Nick Cave's and Suicides most claustrophobic outbreaks. In 2006 however, her critically acclaimed album „The Need to Destroy“ marked a shift towards sexy electronica, heavy dance beats, grinding guitars and menacing industrial sounds. The two following album, the Berlin-conceived „Dream“ from 2008 and 2013 hailed album "The Norm of the Locked Room“ further developed her electronic expression both experimentally and improvisational, with her disturbing, incantatory voice ever present.

On The new Album “And the Street Light Leads to the Sea" She is back in the studio again. This time playing together with a band that expresses the music that Sofia has handcrafted and recorded alone. “My recordings and work alone in the studio is mirrored and very present in how we play the songs together on the recordings".

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