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Press Clips from 2016

"There is no other way to describe Swedish artist Sofia Härdig than as a future rock goddess."
://The Revue [US]

"Sofia Härdig is almost definitely the best thing to come out of Sweden since the country’s sporting hero, Zlatan Ibrahimovi
One for the future…"
://The Pentatonic [UK]

"Swedish Rock Sensation Sofia Härdig returns with Anthemic, Power Chord based, new Single"
://The Joy of Violent Movement [US]
"Härdig is on track to be new queen of alt-rock."
://The National Student

"The rocktronica queen… Hardig has proved herself to be an innovative artist worthy of her royal title…"
://Gig Slutz

"Swedish firebrand of a musician; ...electrifying power of modern electronic rock and roll, and marvel at the way that mysterious thing called EDGE still exists, at least in whatever studio this woman works in… She’s a truly important, powerful sonic auteur who is slowly building a peerless recording catalogue that deserves the full attention of rock fans around the world."
://Zachary Mule [US]
"Sofia Härdig is definitely one of our fave rockers whose music reflects everything absolutely great about rock…period."
://ColoRising [UK]

://Human Cannonball [DE]

"If you only listen to one song tonight, make it "Low and Slow" by Sofia Härdig"
://This Is That Song [UK]

"All friends of talented, swedish electronic/Indie got something to look forward too"
://Zero Magazine [SWE]

"Sweden’s best-kept secret"
://Songwriting Magazine [UK]

"Her voice casts a bewildering spell as the music crashes down around you. Luxuriating in post-punk's roiling waters, she treads out further than many of her astringent peers and finds an entirely new noise out there in the deep… underneath the noise is a melody that just won't leave your head— her ability to pair the ragged sounds of her music with an unforgettable melodic precision is exactly what keeps her two steps ahead of anybody else who happens to be treading these waters….. You'll be covered in sweat and grime by the time the song ends, and you'll absolutely be anxious to do it all again immediately."

"Singer, musician and composer Sofia Härdig is considered to be one of the leading acts coming out of Sweden with a sound organic and raw, explosively bursting out the seams with energy. …In a sense the Swedish artist reflects the very ideal of what a true rock star looks, feels and sounds like. Whilst her native country has maintained a tradition of pumping out pop acts, Härdig’s music is experimental, racing, unafraid and unapologetic. Her visuals are performance art, something that was a staple in New York’s East Village punk and new wave scene or West Berlin in the 70s and 80s. With a two-part EP series landing titled The Street Light Leads To The Sea, Sofia Härdig’s power-blazing single ‘Sitting Still’ is a window of what’s to come, and it’s about to come with an impacting force."
://ColoRising [UK]

"Swedish native Sofia Härdig delivers a spiky piece of perfect slacker pop with new track "Streets"…These days it can seem as though everything we do is being controlled in some way. This is why it’s so refreshing when someone comes along and truly embraces the concept of freedom, especially when this approach results in subversive alt-pop gems… The track delivers a confident Pavement swagger with plenty of attitude…"Streets" is as accomplished as it is invigorating… Embracing freedom can lead to some amazing things."
://Killer Ponytail
"Great video - superb song! ...It's one powerful, emotive and intense piece, instant play again for me."
://Beehive Candy

Sofia Härdig is yet another brilliant export from the flock of Scandinavian gems… She has been described as "An electronic Queen", and despite not knowing the source of the reference, it is rather appropriate. …She has claimed to "find beauty in flaws and that which is not perfect", and she does that perfectly, ironically. ‘Streets’ is brutal and gentle, somber and uplifting, distorted and clear. It’s a powerful electro-rock tonic, but damn addictive. I love it, and if Sonic Youth, the Pixies are your cup of tea, then join me in reveling in it too."
://Rambling Pony
"With everything at 11 from the opening second, Sitting Still is a punchy offering of post punk, no wave influenced energy that will make its mark wherever it’s heard. Sofia’s commanding vocal backed by an angular, frenetic guitar sounds and a tight as f*&# rhythm section will hopefully be getting her some serious attention in the blogosphere pretty soon."
://The Wandering Lamb
"‘Sitting Still’ by Sofia Hardig is energetic and all-out magnificent!"
://ColoRising [UK]
" the star of this track is Härdig's vocal performance. There are moments when she submits herself to subdued, intimate phrases; gentle confessions like "To the day, we are..." And then in others she hollows out long pained notes that reach deep into her gut to pull out honest emotion. And the opening riffs of the guitar are like the garnish to this plate she serves scorching hot… Sofia Härdig is yet another brilliant export from the flock of Scandinavian gems."
"Stylishly delivered with controlled fury and a sense of purpose, "Sitting Still" is breakneck, Punk Rock noir and the new single from Swedish experimental artist Sofia Härdig."
://The Autumn Roses
"A dim, dynamic and hypnotically intensifying tonal vortex"
://RKC - Radio Kaos Caribou [FR]

"The rocktronica queens finds freedom in experimenting and releases aggression with wonderful freedom."
://The National Student

"Wow… amazing… Have a listen to the power and fury of Sofia Härdig, from Sweden."
://The Boston Survival Guide [US]

"…inescapable presence"
://Emerging indiebands [UK]
"Good Stuff"
STREETS listed in Fascinating things,
://Aural Delights [UK]

"A sharp knife inflicts no pain. A properly-honed edge enters and exits before one knows the damage is done. Like said metallic instrument, Sweden’s Sofia Härdig cuts deep on "Sitting Still."
://Bucket full of nails

"The compaction of electronics and instrumentation impact like an industrial press gone wild and the frenetic panicky pace is enhanced by an unstoppable vocal and percussion which spin around the head in menacing tones. Those of longer stay with Sofia Härdig will recall The Demotapes Album released in 2005 and this song being then named I’m Sitting Still. A comparison of the original version to the current track is a decent indication of the journey travelled. I enjoy both for very different reasons and am looking forward to the release of And The Street Light Leads To The Sea."
://Emerging indiebands [UK]

"Starting as if you were at the edge of the eye of a hurricane, your immediate reaction is blind and severe panic, unlike Sofia Härdig. Instead, she wails with a full sense of control of the situation surrounding, her voice full of power as the kind of surf tinged cyclone continues onwards. It’s obvious that the Scandinavian songwriter finds joy in the bleaker things in music, such as Nick Cave or 1994 Nine Inch Nails, but it takes true skill to translate these influences while simultaneously making them your own."
://What Sound Melbourne [AU]

"'Sitting Still" is a blistering, wall of sound, rock'n'roll, two and a half minute, blow out. Guaranteed to remove the most stubborn cobwebs, if you need a wakeup call that works, this is it." ://Beehive Candy

"Girls with guitars making lots of noise, more of if say I…." Sitting Still Listed in Fascinating things¨ ://Aural Delights [UK]

"Sitting Still" - Sofia Härdig: Swedish multi-instrumentalist Sofia Härdig recalls early ‘80s post-punk with this slightly frenetic, edgy rocker, but you can hear a Sonic Youth-influenced guitar haze deepening the sound. Härdig has worked with Kim Gordon and is upfront about the debt the song owes to SY, as well as The Pixies and Le Tigre. ://My Split Milk [US]

"Swedish artist Sofia Härdig has rightfully been compared to Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon for her edgy indie-rock sound, but on her new single "Sitting Still" she heads in a slightly different direction. While the track retains her cathartic rock sound, it’s a little darker and heavier to give it an apocalyptic feel. In other words, Härdig is like a more bombastic Chelsea Wolfe." ://The Revue [US]

"It underlines the strong power of her voice and the impetuousness of the sound" ://Son of Marketing


"THE NORM OF THE LOCKED ROOM" is from the beginning to end
an excellent contemporary, and what more: timeless edgy rock album! [...]
The boring days are yesterday!" ://Nordische Musik READ MORE.

"The Norm Of The Locked Room" sounds like if if Patti Smith, Nick Cave and
he Violent Femme would have met sometimes in the early 1980s in a log cabin
to record these songs [...] Sofia's dark, powerful voice does the rest to
"The Norm..." to make it an impressive listening experience."
://Christina Mohr, Melodiva [DE]

"The Norm Of The Locked Room is a dark,
almost hypnotic album that takes you into a world of its own."

"Intimate meets here open-hearted, Great sounding, euphonius on noise,
intoxicating beauty on raw disturbing. Sometimes is her main instrument,
the guitar, still plays a major role, but there is more to the Swede,
the combination of sounds and rhythms, their unifying element is the
slightly rough, haunting voice of Härdig. The relation of free use of
sound material and soulful vocals remind the music of Sofia Härdig of
the work of Annette Peacock, their albums had from the start, something
timeless, yes, time-independent, Possibly, but that's only a vague
speculation is Härdig now the unique way the Peacock had proceeded?
://Jazz Dimensions, READ MORE

"One could try to make associations to other artist,
but let this stand as a product of Sofia Härdig.
This is so perfect!" [4 stars]
Westzeit [DE]

"The Swede Sofia Härdig has succeded with her new album The Norm Of
The Locked Room it's downright delicious. It resembles one of the
archaic ancient powerfull goddess that lure the ear canals with
electrified energy... This Singer-Songwriter blows around a powerfull
aura of secrets that can equal butterflies flutters... The resaults are
as spellbinding as disturbubing... Those who are looking for something
exiting and different can't be served by anyone better then Sofia Härdig"

Lie in The Sound [DE

"The fifth studio album of Sofia Härdig is definitely a bold one:
electronic with cold surfaces and looming psychedelic guitar samples...
post-apocalyptic soundscapes... where not even spacepopsynths
seems familiar, an overall picture of fatalistic rise
Kulturnews [DE]

"She whispers, she begs and screams through dark sound collages of
electronic loops and guitars, sometimes quietly, sometimes demanding
and loud... The sound is touching, disturbing and hypnotizing"
Märkische Oderzeitung [DE]

"...The result is as dark as hypnotic and emotionally it belongs
in the Berlin of the 80s. Einstürzende Neubauten and Birthday Party,
Krautrock reverberation, malaria and Anne Clark are in the air.
A particular love for the dark and a big lust for experimenting
and still very good and enjoyable!"
Titel Magazine [DE]

"Dark and hypnotic ...unusual and great!" ://Albumcheck [DE]

" I am so taken by this album. How can she be so unknowed in germany.
Have she been hiding in disguise in Sweden?"
://Radio Eins [DE]

"On her brand new album The Norm Of The Locked Room, the Swedish singer
Sofia Härdig shows very experimental side. Oscillating between electronics,
Krautrock and psychedelic, nine immensly atmospheric songs are presented,
resonating with a dark gloomy note."
chte Leute [DE]

"It's dramatic, warm, dark and full of strange transformations. It's not just
about intensity, she turns hidden cavities with considerable fervor [...] a
masterpiece of deconstruction and reconstruction [...] It can even land as an
extended remote mass from any bygone world, hot fervently, longingly. Physically,
but physically as in a mirror... Her best. When is it time for this consummate,
seeking musicians to be known as she deserves?" ://Sound Of Music READ MORE

"definitely an album more should discover [...] it'll be a gallant evening!"
://Fredrik Hoffman, Hoffa Music Blog READ MORE.

"One of this year's most exciting releases." Read PDF; Page 1 + 18.
://Mattias Grenholm, CITY

"I am prepared to join in the chorus of praise. The album is both good,
evocative and challenging" [...] The meeting between pitch dark melodies,
soaring harmonies and emotional vocals makes The Norm Of The Locked Room
heartbreaking, in a both poignant and fulfilling way. This bodes well for
the future and I will not hesitate to proclaim Sofia Härdig to one of the
year's most interesting, Swedish artists. Anyone with the slightest interest
in Swedish alternative music should definitely check out this album!"
://Johan Arenbo, ZERO, READ MORE.

"Sofia Härdig doing exciting things [...] beneath the surface bubbles
Sonic Youth [...] combine the blue-bottomed vocal rock temperament."
://Johanna Pålsson, DN

"Her new album, The Norm Of The Locked Room is her strongest to date,
with songs full of drama, sensuality and dark suggestiveness Loops and
synthesizers are used together with traditional rock instruments in a way
that gives the feeling of something threatening the whole time waiting for
the listener, and Sofia delivers the multilayered texts with unusual
intensity and nerve... a fascinating musical universe to discover."
Stefan Warnqvist, UNT

"That fascinating rawness that you got thrown in the face, the primal
voice and the crystal clear fact that there was a very strong, wilful
woman music presented - exactly the feeling does Härdig pin down.
The fact that there are rock guitars among the machines also
making Hardig pin down the cold electronic version of bleeding
blues. A paradox yes but. Perhaps it is the one that makes her
hailed by the
U.S. press."
://Eric Süss, Arbetarbladet

"Absolutely superb. World class actually."

"An evocative atmosphere that is intimidating and alluring."

"How Sofia Härdig has managed to avoid more attention at
home than she has gotten so far is a complete mystery."
://Stina Linde, Helsingborgs dagblad

It's electric, it's cool […] Sophia Härdig works with noise, electronica,
drums and guitars like a fury, and she has, as the multi-instrumentalist
she is, also recorded most of his album herself. It's an achievement,
it's a lot to listen to the ardent [...] Johnny Essing, this FANTASTIC
bob hund-guitarist [...] his guitar is here an absolutely perfect complement."
://Joakim Wikström, Ikon

The album The Norm Of The Locked Room has been chosen the "best right now"
according to Claes Olson in Musikindustri. It got good reviews too, Olson
describes it as "electronically processed rock" that is "experimental and
international". He describes it as dark and chronologically references
the album somewhere around
the Velvet Undergrounds' magical Black Angel's
Death Song saying that it is "perfect for dark November nights."

Recommended by Plaza: "Sweden’s best kept secret, now we want to see more of her!"

"Sofia Hardig delivers a Michelin starred recipe here on the basis that 'less is more'
and if this starter dish is anything to go by, her forthcoming album is going
to be one of this year’s great banquets of contemporary European music...
Low and slow is shockingly good.
://Steve Racket, Baltic Briefing

"Sweden’s next Electronica Queen get stuck, You listen and forget time and place"
://Emma West,

"You are drawn into the music which seems to grow a hundred percent
with each listening Sofia and her sidekick Otto Milde has produced
real noisy modern rockelectronica to be copied and imitated by wannabes.
They themselves have taken over the drivers’ seat for good!"
://Gary Landström, Groove

About The Need To Destroy: "An adventurous Electronica foray in which
Sofia makes an art out of distorted vocals that are nonetheless emotionally
wrenching. Dark, machine-laden grooves that grip the soul. It's a trap...
She’s an amazing songwriter. It is awesome...! What’s especially striking
about Sofia Härdig is how she employs interesting little twists within the
often predicable realm of gritty guitar rock, and commandeers the genre
like she’s got it all to herself.
Nervy, sensual, and self-assured. Härdig deserves to be widely heard,
as she’s far more interesting than many others mining this same
stylistic territory." ://Kevin Renick, Playback St. Louis, U.S.A.,
who elected The Need To Destroy as one of the Top Ten albums of
the year. Motivation: "An adventurous Electronica foray in which
Sofia makes an art out of distorted vocals that are nonetheless
emotionally wrenching. Dark, machine-laden grooves that grip the soul."

"Sweden has been lacking a strong female rock-voice. Sofia Härdig
has a great voice and strong lyrics which provides new hope for
the swedish rock-scene... A splendid debut"
://Musikkanmedelse, Denmark

"BORN TO WIN... La-La-La Härdig... is on the verge of bursting
in like one of new jewels of the inexhaustible Scandinavian
mine There is no doubt that you will end up hearing and
speaking of the extraordinary voice and the charisma…"
://Rock Sound, Spain

"What a voice! her nerve-racking, melodic lo-fi version of blues punk
is not possible to miss... Especially hauntingly when the menacing
stranglehold of her minimalistic, reduced songs grab your throat
like a cold hand in the darkness. - guitars and drums rumble
into the darkest corners pure and raw rock 'n' roll..."
://Markus Wiludda, Eldoradio*, Germany

"She masters the wild wolf women stile great. It is delightful
thunder and grinding on the debut album. Sofia sings aggressively
and drags her hair in the dirt and is a raw chick with potential"

"Sofia Härdig conquers the world with her voice...." ://Sydsvenskan

"Sofia's voice burns holes in the speakers. The most
promising in its genre that comes up in Sweden." ://Popöga

"A fantastic voice" ://Sundsvalls Tidning

"Sofia Härdig has a great talent. Both for writing songs, and not least for
performing them in a way that staple guns them to the mind of the listener."

"Damn good... Will make her a household name among the people in rock...
It's not a question whether she is going to make it big time or not,
but WHEN... Remember where you read it first." ://Ystads Allehanda

"Sofia Härdig's Berlin album Dream is made there and has become her best album.
When other albums have shifted from song to song, here is a whole story.
It can be heard as a personal confession, a missing mixed with euphoria.
It is a dark album. Nevertheless, she is able to sink into the hottest
corner of passion and illustrate it, which also gives it a searing
sensuality. She has condensed and created shadows and corners,
where the brightest colours fade in red. Red velvet and black
silk [...] She sings appealingly, insistent, grieving.
The voice is one of the industries strongest. The scents
are also strong and stupefying or intoxicating as in the
strong love numbers, just as torn as the grief leaves her."
://Thomas Millroth,
Sound of Music READ MORE

A Swedish debutant that makes music that bites hard. Sofia Härdig
makes suggestive raw and intensive rock. Rock music that scratches
and claws. and above all she sings with a voice that burns hot and
touches, sparkling songs that vibrates and glows with intensity.
The voice alone reaches far." ://Östran

"I can’t help gasping in amazement over that this is her first work.
Its rock with experimental dimensions burnt to black at the edges,
one moment beautiful the next sizzling furiously stinging like
pins and needles..."
://Lars Thulin, Ystads Allehanda

"A great double debut" ://Norran

"SOFIA HÄRDIG The Next Girl in experimental rock"
://Perspectives 2004, Västerås

Kevin Renick listed Dream as one of the top ten albums of 2008
Playback. Motivation: Sofia Hardig | Dream [Filthy Records]
"All hail the new Electronica queen! The swedish sonic auteur
had already transitioned from guitar-based rock to a darker,
more Electronica-driven approach on last year's brilliant
The Need to Destroy. On this new album, Härdig takes a
commandeering approach to the genre, sculpting coolly
dramatic synthesizer parts, edgy mechanized rhythms and
her own gripping, vulnerable vocals into an unsettling
aural experience that's like nothing else out there…
The results are unsettling, hypnotic, and brilliant."
://Kevin Renick, Playback, St. Louis, U.S.A.

"Many of the characteristics of the Electronica are here,
but I don’t want to limit Härdig to be just about that.
In many ways it’s like its rock she is doing, but with
strings blips and scratches. Her forth album "Dream"
offers beautiful listening."
://Tobias Petterson, Zero

"An impressive and strong debut from a very exiting,
interesting artist and songwriter who you definitely
will hear more about in the future..."
://Thomas Fridholm, Musikindustrin 

"With a voice that burns through skin and concrete...
a register that lifts you from under your feet to heaven.
Some have spoken of deepest black. Yes, but she gives this
darkness a quality that is felt on the inside of your palms:
rustling silk, caressing velvet, skin in the dark... because
the voice goes outside. In to. Under. One of the coolest
voices around." ://Thomas Millroth, Ystad Art Museum

"A truly stellar debut" ://Anna Maria Stjärnell, READ MORE.

"Another great taster for the upcoming new album Dream.
I'll look forward to it with great anticipation."
://Anna Maria Stjärnell,


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