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iLLUMiNATE video version 2018 Sofia Härdig; Video by; Stefan Sundlöf.
Written and performed by; Sofia Härdig: HYMN/


STREETS Single 2016 Sofia Härdig; Video Directed, Produced and
cut by; Ellen Krantz. Filmed by; John Essing. Idea: Sofia Härdig.

CLOSED EYES 2016 Sofia Härdig Video by; Lisa Fjellman and Anna
Lönn Franko, Lian production featuring the young man Max Minorsson.

Streets special video version of the song Streets, Sofia is performing solo.
The video is done by Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, one of the men in the duo
behind the film "Sound Of Noise" and the legendary short film
Music for one apartment and six drummers".

The Norm from the forthcomming album
The Norm Of The Locked Room.
Released 27.08.2012


The Girl In The Window from the forthcomming album
The Norm Of The Locked Room. Video concept and
cutting: Stefan Sundlöf. Filmed by Kate Erhardht.

Sitting Still Live at 7000 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany,
Sofia Härdig, 02'13"

Believe in Me Live at Abandonned Gallery,
25.09.2010 with Jan Car­dell and his sound
sculpture Electro Mechanical Orchestra.
Songs, Vocals, Guitar, bassloops, drumpatterns
and musical arrangements of Electro Mechanical
Orchestra, by Sofia Härdig. Images: Peter Knutas. 05'31"


Unkiller Unitygain Television, New York,
Live Video, Release 19.01.2010,
John Essing, Mikael Nilzén,


Seafever from the album The Need to Destroy,
HD, 2006, Sofia Härdig, 04'49"

Out Of My System, Live at Popstad Stockholm,
05.02.2005 with Otto Milde, 02'39"

My Only Friend And My Killer, Video 2003,
Sofia Hardig and The Needles, 02'36"

Hear/See also audio/video interviews!

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